Old Believers villageExperience ancient Russian culture

Taste old russian home made food and drink, get inside babushka's house, feel the touch of centuries in a museum collected by a local priest and enjoy the view of gorgeous Selenga river curve from a Sleeping Lion hill.

5 hours
Best fit with:
Ivolginsky datsan excursion. Together they make a full day tour
Private transfers, english speaking guide, folklore show, museum visit, church visit, panoramic spot

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Russian history was always not the easiest one, but there is something that deserved a special mention, the Old Believer phenomena. After Great Church Split back in 16th century, part of russian people who didn't obey new rules were highly repressed and forcefully exiled to Siberia. Buryatia to be exact. Since then these families had lived in isolation keeping their religion and of course old russian culture. Whereas orthodox Russia kept changing, OldBelievers did not.

Nowadays we can visit their unofficial capital and enjoy the essence of culture, dances and songs, ancient books in local church, old tools in a very special museum. The lunch or the feast, as I like to call it, is included. Private transfer will take you and your mates there and back.

Gardening Our happy tourists are at the village

Now there are more than 150 thousands OldBelievers living in Tarbagatai area. Each of the villages has its own speciality and its own choir. We visit a local family which cooks for us, they sing the songs of the past and their childhood. You can even try the interesting and special dress of the Old Believers.

Julian and the Babushkas

We always have a lot of fun!