Ivolginsky DatsanThe center of Buddhism of Russia

Visit the center of Buddhism of Russia, see the beautiful complex of lama temples, hear the story of the community surviving in conditions of repressions.

This short excursion is suitable for people who want to understand the local life from inside, take great shots of the picturesque temples and learn a bit of local philosophies.

4 hours
Number of tourists:
Private transfers, english-speaking guide, entrance fees.

On this tour you are taken 30 km out the city. Our guide will explain you why Buddhism came to our land and was embraced by local Shamanistic Buryat people.

We will visit a few temples in Datsan. If there is a service we participate and our guide will tell you what's going on. 

Thibetan Buddhism has extraordinary distinctive style of painting and architecture. Enjoy the views.


Project by Denis Sobnakov