Winter FairytaleAdventure on the ice of lake Baikal

Visiting Russia and especially Siberia in winter is a "once in a lifetime" experience. Feel the contrast of warm homes and hospitable locals and cold and icy nature at the world's deepest lake. 

Walk on the ice which covers the lake fully and it is more than 650 km surface, see the sun coming through the chunks of ice and reflecting in million rays, taste real Russian banyan sauna and dive into the snow.


Lake Baikal is frozen from Jan to May
3 out of 5. Mainly because of cold weather. From 0C to -25C
Private transfers in warm cars, English-speaking guide, Traditional meals, warm accommodation, husky dog sledding, ice fishing. 

Here what we can do for you:

Zabaikalsky National Park - area of Barguzinsky and Chivyrkuisky Bays AKA The Best Bays

High mountains, thick ice, comfortable homestay, homemade food, ice fishing watching, Open Air Hot Springs and Russian Banya - all that you can do on this trip. 

Where: Ust-Barguzin

Duration: 3 days minimum, 4 days recommended.  

First of all, the winter at lake Baikal is milder than inlands, enormous volume of water is like a temperature accumulator, it is colder in summer and warmer in winter. Second, even though the air temperature is low it's a dry cold, our -20C feels like -5C in London.

Good value Baikal trip

Fishermen gets on the ice

Adventurous travelers!

Husky dog sledding

Duration: 2 laps.

Where: Ulan-Ude city park.

4 or 6 running dogs will drag cart with you and a driver around the field of snow. You can take pictures with the real breed huskies.

Those are great pictures!