Barguzin valleyLand of 1000 rivers

Welcome to the most beautiful valley of our land! High mountains and endless grassland with 1000 rivers will make your eyes happy.

1 day excursion starts from Ust-Barguzin village. Best to be added to Best Bays tour. 

1 day excursion.
Comes as addition part of the Ust-Barguzin tour

Some people call it Tibet of Buryatia, valley of 1000 rivers and high mountains (up to 3km). Panoramic views everywhere along the valley, the best of the views we will show you during our excursion there. 

by Denis Sobnakov

Local tribes of Buryats and Evenks live there for thousands of years. Have lunch in a local house. 

Photography & Project by Denis Sobnakov

You will visit sacred Buryat places, cave drawings and just gorgeous panoramas on this trip.