The Best BaysFull experience of lake Baikal

All-included, experience-type tour to the best part of lake Baikal - Holy Nose peninsula.

We visit both Barguzinsky and Chyvirkuisky bays, driving through the national park. Boat in summer and driving on the ice in winter will give you a great idea what lake Baikal is.

3 days/2 nights
All year round
Private transfers, english-speaking guide, accommodation in homestay, full board, boat ride, hot springs bath, russian banya steam sauna, and of course some firewater.

Uniqueness of lake Baikal is well known far outside our region and we welcome you to have a visit to its most beatiful sceneries and places off-the-beaten-track. We start in Ulan-Ude and take our private transfer to village of Ust-Barguzin with a few stops on the way: Baturinsky female monastery, Turtle rock, shaman Oboo.

Ust-Barguzin is situated in the middle of Buryatian side of lake Baikal, just opposite to famous Olkhon island. This place was not visited by tourists a lot, so now the tourism is only at its birth, it's even said that Shamans at Barguzin valley pray for that the place stays unpopular to keep the purity...

Photography & Project by Denis Sobnakov

We stay at local homestay with all only local meals included. Try Banya - special russian steamed sauna, beat yourself with birch branches as russians do!

Next morning we start our excursion on 4WD Russian jeep van and we go to Holy Nose peninsula, about 40km. We stop at the most beautiful and interesting spots on the way and enjoy the nature. Depending on the weather conditions and season we alter our program and see different things, but all worth of visiting.

Depending on the season we either take a boat and sail to the hot springs or we drive on the ice.

Photography & Project by Denis Sobnakov