Landscapes of BuryatiaBest views around Ulan-Ude

Exclusive tour - it's designed by local naturalist and only a few people take tourists to the places we visit. Best to combine with Ivolginsky Datsan.

The sacred rocks (forming the ancient graveyards 2000-3000 years ago), shamanistic points (where people use for the rites), center of Buddhism of Russia, great river valley, mongolian steppes, the highest observation hills - all of this you can see on our new trip "Landscapes of Buryatia".

Full day, up to 7 hours with Ivolginsky Datsan
Summer, autumn
Steppes, forests, mountains, sacred places
"Absolutely stunning views!" - That's what people usually say about this tour.

On this tour you will have your a private car with a driver and an english-speaking guide. Together we drive out the city to the stunning valley of Ivolga area and head off-the-beaten track to some of the places reserved only for locals. We visit the local sacred Oboo where Buryats from villages worship the spirits.

Chinggis Khan camping point This is where Chinggis Khan himself and his army rest.

We visit a local russian village located on the bank of Selenga river (main tributary of lake Baikal), it was founded back in 18 century and didn't change a lot since.

18 century village at the river

Interesting rock formation covered with pure lichen.

Ancient rocks "Easy to imagine mammoths walking by" - Bartek

Ivolginsky Datsan is a logical addition to this excursion as we're exploring Ivolga area. Including trip to the lama temple is top recommended.

Ivolginsky datsanThe center of Buddhism of Russia. Stunning complex of lama temples.

Photography & Project by Denis Sobnakov